2021 Marconi Keelboat Championships


The Marconi Keelboat Championships are to be held on Sunday 29th August in our fleet of SB20’s.

Six teams of both younger sailors and adults will race throughout the day following the British Keelboat League format and the winners will be presented with the prestigious Osea Cup and the youth Keelboat Championship trophy.

It’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top as the summer regatta highlighted just how much progress some of our Keelboat sailors have been making.

  • Team X – Jason Clarke, Sam Featherstone, Mick Jones
  • Team T – Andy Perks, Dave Hewes, Peter Ward
  • Team Z – Jack Collis, David & Dan Nickalls, Hannah Bard
  • Team V – Fia & Oli Southgate, Tom Clayton
  • Team L – Anna Collis, Mia Morgan, Charlotte Ferneyhough
  • Team H – Isabella  Ferneyhough, Teigan Crick, Ben McKay

Information for sailing  teams and those members facilitating the event afloat.
Bring food and drinks sufficient for a full day afloat.
Each team to provide 1 x bag for the whole team for food and drinks that will be left on the hospitality boat.
The Hospitality boat will provide toilet facilities close to the race area.
Each team should bring a VHF radio with Channel M2 / P4 (We do NOT have sufficient club radios) as starts will NOT use flags.

Teams will change boats throughout the championships.

Each team should print off the and bring a copy to the event.

The races will be umpired.

Link to NOR, SI’s and other docs

Keelboat Champs NOR SIs Boat Handling 2021Modified RRS will apply. Be sure to read the NOR, SI’s, Boat Handling requirements.

An over simplification of umpired fleet racing is:

  • If you think you break a rule = take a turn
  • If you are involved in a protest on the water and wait for the umpire decision and you lose = 2 turn
  • An umpire can allocate a penalty to a boat without another boat protesting = 2 turns

Races will be typically 15 minutes long, can you afford to get into a situation where you have to take penalty turns?


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