Marconi boasts about seventy cats in the spacious cat field making us one of the most popular catamaran sailing clubs in the UK. As well as Tornados, F18’s, Hurricanes, Dart 18 and 16 we also have a selection of other catamarans too. By far the most popular is our growing Dart 15 fleet.

We have plenty of space for new cats and can promise a warm welcome and keen racing for any new Cat members.

For racing purposes and better sailing courses the catamarans are split into fast, medium and Dart 15’s starts.

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East Coast Piers Race

No article on Cats at Marconi is complete without mention of the East Coast Piers Race, our long distance sailing race for catamarans and fast dinghies.

We regularly attract 80 starters both nationally and internationally for this event. All proceeds go to charity. It’s rare to get two days excellent racing and at the same time know that you are helping under-privileged youngsters via our chosen sailing charity, The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

So if the logistics prevent you from joining the Club, make sure you get the ECPR in your diary for away events.

For further information about the East Coast Piers Race please visit the website