Standup Paddle Boarding at MSC


Standup Paddle Boarding is nothing new at Marconi SC – some club members have been paddling for a while now. Paddling allows you to enjoy the river in a way that is very compatible with the current restrictions in place. Recently we have noticed a few more members deciding to get out on the water any way they can and choosing to Standup Paddle Board.

In fact if your just a little adventurous its a great way to really get to know the river, take a picnic and make a day of it, at low tide its surprising how far you can paddle without ever being more than waist deep in water. Its also great fun to muck about just off the hard on a paddle board if that is your thing, or if you lack the energy for a longer paddle. Yoga anyone – yep yoga stances on Standup Paddle Boards is a thing………………..not for me I look ridiculous enough but if you wanna give it a shot I’ve got my camera at the ready 🙂

The point is that, however you want to use your paddle board is fine. Pretty much anyone can Standup Paddle Board (SUP) – anyone can also fall off a SUP – don’t  say I didn’t warn you. I’ve  recently started SUPing and already i’m finding little inlets and gravel bars I never new existed, almost every time I go out I find new and interesting things.

Its also quite good exercise and the kind that really suits me, as I,m thoroughly distracted from the fact its exercise. Also you can choose to paddle gently and take your time enjoy your surroundings or sprint off hard as you can missing the beauty but really working that core – my preference is to do a bit of both – whatever suits you its all good. Marconi has a Windsurfing and SUPing Facebook group if you want to see some reports of paddling or find out when there might be a group going out so you can have some company that’s the place.

Whilst the changing facilities are unavailable at the club – the toilets are open. This is pretty much all most people need to be able to paddle board from MSC. So if you have been thinking about starting paddle boarding or looking for a club to join to base your paddling there might never be a better time than now.





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