Dinghy Cruising Up and Running at MSC


The Marconi SC Dinghy Cruising Group have been sailing locally and enjoying the delights of the River Blackwater. Within the current restrictions placed upon us all for very good reasons, they are still finding sociable sailing is possible. With boats being filled with household groups – this group is quite family centred even in unrestricted times so only some minor adjustments have been required for them to be able to enjoy some day sailing trips.

Marconi Dinghy Cruising Group Follow My Leader

Marconi Dinghy Cruising Group Follow My Leader

Active Group Sailing

This very active group is led by Colin Wardell (contact details on first page of year book) . They also have a Facebook Group on which you can message them to find out details of how to get involved and on which they report on their exploits  – which over the years have been far and wide.

As the restrictions start to be lifted this independent sailing group is likely to be able sail more than most others. So if this looks like the kind of thing you might enjoy get in contact with them to find out what their plans are.

Socially Distanced Lunch Stop On Osea Island

Socially Distanced Lunch Stop On Osea Island

Self Reliant

The Marconi Dinghy Cruising Group set out to be entirely self reliant even in normal times. Their boats, predominantly Wayfarers, are set up and equipped to be sailed independently without the need for additional support.

So in these rather unusual times they are ideally organised and equipped to be able to sail, whilst adhering to the required social distancing guidelines.

End Of Maylandsea Creek

End Of Maylandsea Creek

Since being allowed back in their boats they have explored locally with a recent picnic lunch on Osea and a rare sail all the way to the end of Maylandsea Creek. A trip that has to be well timed with the high tide to avoid either having to turn back defeated or a very muddy encounter.


Editorial Note: The pictures used in this post where mainly taken before social distancing. 


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