Cracking Cadet Week 2023!


Over 120 cadets, tutors and helpers took part in the 2023 edition of MSC’s annual Cadet Week. Members and non-members alike came down to the club to enjoy a week of sail training, fun and camping.

A wide variety of sailing ability was catered for. Experience ranged from the Starfish group, which gave younger cadets their first taste of sailing, all the way up to the Sharks group, which looked at the finer details of racing, and how multi-hulled boats and keelboats are sailed. The adult contingent of the cadet fleet was out in force- with 20% of cadets this year being 18 or older. At peak periods we had 45 boats out on the water at one time.

There were many highlights of the week. Despite rain, the bonfire night was a success, with cadets, tutors and parents sharing campfire songs. The destination for the long distance race this year was Thirslet Spit. This race gave many cadets their first taste of racing. And given the mild wind on the day, many cadets were able to sail without the assistance of a tutor for the first time. Saturday’s Cadet Regatta was a much breezier affair, with gusts blowing up to force 6. Despite this, 26 boats and 42 sailors took part. It was a true test for cadets to use all they had learnt over the week.

A quick thank you should be mentioned to all the helpers who made cadet week happen. Help ranged from the tutors and safety boat crew who went out on the water, to all the shore based support which was given. And a big shout out to Sam and her team in the galley for feeding us! Cadet Week could not run without all the voluntary support that our club members give it.

It should be noted that sail training at MSC this season has not yet finished, and there is one more sail training day on Saturday the 7th of October.

Sam Featherstone, Cadet Week Committee Member




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