Training Opportunities for Members at MSC


Training Opportunities

Thanks to the RYA, we have some funds available to offer some training using the MSC training center instructors.

Let us know if you would like to reserve a spot by either by commenting on the facebook post or by emailing  – please include which 2 sessions you would like to do.

Its free to take part.

We have 3 days planned. 14th July, 18th August and 29th September.

We will be running 4 different activities on each day and you will be able to choose 1 in the morning then another in the afternoon.

The 14th July will be:

The sessions are going to be:
1. Catamaran sailing (6 spaces)
2. Racing skills (single handers – 11 places)
3. Spinnaker sailing (4 places)
4. Powerboating skills (3 places)

Don’t worry if you want to do all of them, there will be opportunity on the other days.

The 18th August will be:

1. Performance sailing (skiffs)
2. Windsurfing (in line with the existing windsurfing day)
3. Planning a family sail away. (shorebased)
4. Seamanship skills. (Great for skills to become an instructor and improve your sailing generally)

The 29th Sept

Sessions are open to you guys to do what you would like. Any suggestions welcome. Could be an opportunity to do any of the above again.

Other ideas might be-
1. Better sailing (role tacking, role gybing, using your sail controls)
2. Games




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