Report from HBSC Laser Open Meeting


Report by David Nickalls.

On September 12th Jack Wardell and I went to Harlow Blackwater Sailing Club to compete in a Laser open meeting.

We really enjoyed ourselves, there was bright sunshine for most of the day with quite a strong wind. As you can only sail at HBSC around high tide it had a very different feel to sailing at Marconi. The low tide toward the end of the racing meant that we had to be very careful coming in, and the launching arrangements made me appreciate the hard we have at Marconi.

There were just under 20 entries, with results extracted for the Full rigs (the majority of the entries) as well as for 4.7s and Radials; there was good attendance from HBSC and other clubs in the local area, as well as some from further afield. We had three races back-to-back, held in the creek and out in Stansgate Bay where we had a good view of the Topper open being held at Marconi. The breeze meant that a few of the competitors called it a day after racing two of the three races.

After a great day of tough racing both Jack and I won our classes, with Jack sailing a 4.7 and me in a Full rig. Great thanks to HBSC for a very enjoyable event with a very friendly atmosphere. It would be great to increase the size of the Marconi team next year.

HBSC Laser Open 2015 Results

David Nickalls


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