Ionian Poem




A Poem by Janet Reay

P1050217   P1050219
22 members of MSC
Headed out to Greece to sail the Ionian Sea
They sailed, swam and ate in company
And even found time to meet for “Tea”

One boat fell foul of the Law
Accused of mooring too close to the shore
The crew considered “mooning” and maybe even more
But Greek jail wasn’t somewhere they wanted to explore.

Another boat was prone to Skinny Dipping
Are the MSC decorum rules in danger of slipping?
Other crews admitted they found it rather spiffing!
Careful not to cause a danger to Shipping!

Rogers-Anchor-Issues-3   Rogers-Anchor-Issues-2
One boat’s anchor windless, to the crew’s dismay
Refused to lift the anchor when leaving a bay
The engineer came out without delay
And said “You need to flick the switch” – well, WHAT CAN I SAY??

One boat and crew were always last
Into each harbour – well we were aghast
Had they got lost? – the Ionian IS vast
Or maybe they had spent the time “Lashed to the Mast”!

P1050120   P1050260
With all the ups and downs they all remained of good cheer
Helped along by Sunshine, Ouzo, Wine and Beer
One thing’s for certain, have no fear
22 Marconi Sailors shout – “Can we go again next year”??

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