GJW Support GPS Tracking at the East Coast Piers Race


The organisers of the East Coast Piers Race are pleased to announce that GJW have come onboard to support the addition of GPS tracking for the long distance sailing event which is now in its 30th year.

The East Coast Piers Race sponsored by Zhik is a long distance sailing event held at Marconi Sailing Club in Essex. On Saturday of the race weekend a series of inshore races are held starting from around midday. Sunday of race weekend is when the big races take place. There are three different course options available, the full 48 miles to Walton and back, 27 miles to Colne Point and back or the new 13 mile Bradwell race.

The live GPS tracking will allow online spectators to follow the progress of the fleet throughout the long distance race, via their computers and smart phones. On-site supporters will be able to see all the action on a big screen from the comfort of the club house at Marconi Sailing Club. Proving a virtual eye in the sky, the SailRacer GPS tracking system will help the race organisers monitor the positions of the competitors and deploy safety boats if required.

The GPS data will also be used to award prizes based on data collected throughout the weekend.

The event will be held on the 1st and 2nd July this year and is open to catamarans and fast dinghies with a PY of 980 or faster. The race weekend provides a fun and manageable challenge for any sailors wishing to take part.

Alongside the racing we have free camping from Friday through to Monday, a band on Saturday night and our sponsors Adnams have donated loads of really good beer to help us rehydrate after some great sailing.

Find out more on the ECPR website – www.eastcoastpiersrace.com

GJW join Zhik, Adnams, Allen Brothers, Dinghy Rope and Funky Monkey Boat Names as sponsors of the event for 2017.

Notice of race for the 2017 weekend can be found on the East Coast Piers Race website.

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