The moorings are laid in six rows. Three are deep-water rows (A, B & C) and three drying rows (D, E & F). Deep-water moorings are laid in the spring and lifted in the autumn each year to ensure that they can be properly inspected and maintained. This is managed in teams over a number of weekends, the dates are published in the club magazine “Navigans”, the Yearbook and members are notified by Email.

MooringRowsThe mooring buoy positioned at A0 is for the exclusive use of visitors to the club. This is to make visitors feel welcome and reduce the risk of members’ moorings being occupied on their return.

Members should direct visitors here in the first instance or if already occupied by a visitor to the nearest suitable mooring which will not be required by the owner for the duration of the visitors stay. No charge is made for use of the visitors mooring provided the hospitality is not abused.
Deep Water Moorings  Rows A – C

All deep-water moorings are laid in the spring, and retrieved for maintenance in the autumn. The anchors must be of the CQR or Danforth type – Fisherman types are not acceptable.

Drying Moorings  Rows D – F
Drying moorings should be laid and checked frequently by the owner at low tide. Those in D row beyond D20 are treated as deep water moorings they are laid and lifted annually with the mooring barge.
Hard shingle anywhere around Stansgate may only be a thin layer over deep and glutinous mud. The moorings at the eastern end of D and E rows are particularly muddy. Special care is needed on D row, as the low tides needed tend to occur when there are few people around. Always make sure help is available should you get into difficulty, and work from or next to your tender where conditions are bad.
Barge Mooring
This buoy is vacant for much of the season. Members may use this for loading up or taking on crew etc. but at no time must the boat be left unattended on this mooring.
Chain – Shackles – Buoys
The club can provide most things to assemble a mooring and technical information is set out in the document Essential Information for Cruiser Owners  – this link will take you to the document library, to gain access you need the password given in the Year Book. However here is the abridged version.
Videos guides will be put together over the next year giving an overview of the equipment we use. In the meantime here is a video showing mooring recovery. (After viewing, to watch it again refresh the page)