Marconi Sailing Club has a wide range of facilities at our spacious site on the River Blackwater in Essex.
The club has 24/7 Video Surveillance (CCTV), Proximity Lighting and Remote Gate Control.
Members are allocated a swipe card allowing entrance and access to the Club House.
Our club has 80 Deep Water moorings and 62 Drying Moorings. Cruiser owners provide their own moorings which is inspected every season. We provide in depth details on what to do and how to do it at the start of every season. A tender rack is available on a one mooring one space basis. See Moorings page.
Wide Launching Area
The club boasts a 75m wide hard ideal for launch and recovery which usually starts before half-tide for boats with a 1m draft.

Winter Storage
We have room for 150 cruisers either in cradles, trailers or sitting on the ground if bilge keel. Vessel owners provide their own cradles or trailers but we can advise how best to do this. The maximum size of vessel we accommodate is12.5m x 4m (41ft x13ft) with a maximum weight of 15 ton including the trailer.
The cruiser park has 6 Amp power points and water stand pipes placed at regular intervals for easy access. Boats can only be stored at the club if they have been allocated a mooring.

There is an emphasis in the club on self-help, many members have the experience and skills to advise on just about any problem cruiser owners may have.
Travel Hoists
We have two travel hoists, the maximum weight for vessels using the larger hoist is 6 tonnes with a maximum length 11m (36ft) and a beam of approximately 3.2m (10.5ft). See Large Hoist Guide for boat owners.

The smaller travel hoist is used for picking up vessels off the hard and manoeuvring them on site, it can accommodate boats up to approximately 7.92m / 26ft. See Small Hoist Guide for boat owners.
Please view the Operating instructions within the Document Library at this time.

Tractors are mainly used to manoeuvre the hydraulic hoists and boat trailers, the latter can be fitted with hydraulic steering at the owners expense if wanted, particularly helpful for larger vessels.
teleporterThe workhorse of the club, it’s used to move chain and mooring buoys amongst other things around the club site.

Some facilities such as the Mast Derrick and Scrubbing Post may require Booking and supervision. For further details and booking arrangements see Bookings page.

Dangerous Incidents
If you see or are involved in an incident it needs to be reported to comply with the Club Safety Records. Incident Report documents are kept in the club house located upstairs.