Facilities and Bookings

At the beginning and end of season a Duty Roster is available in the clubhouse where boat owners can book their planned date for Launch or Recovery.

  • If using a Travel Hoist check the Hoist Information and Settings applicable to your vessel.
  • It is the boat owners responsibility to make sure these settings are correct.
  • You will be asked to confirm the Front and Rear Strop lengths plus the mounting hole used.

It is important members contact the allocated Beach Marshal the week before to confirm their booking.
If no contact is made within 3 days of the launch/recovery date it will be assumed the booking is no longer required and the slot may well be allocated to someone else.
Outside of the normal Launch/Recovery dates those wishing to use the Tractors and Travel Hoists should contact any listed Tractor Driver to see if they are available together with a Winch operator, if required.

Booking Arrangements – Mast Derrick – Scrubbing Post – Hammerhead


Contact Richard to book the Mast Derrick or Scrubbing Post. Reservations should be made a week before required. This is particularly important for the Mast Derrick as a trained supervisor is required.

DSC00247The half tide scrubbing post complete with a water supply is connected to the shore by a 30.5m (100ft) pontoon with a 7.6m (25ft) hammerhead.
Fin or long keel boats can lay against the posts on a wooden grid, bilge keel vessels normally nose up to the hammerhead for scrubbing off.


At busy times use is restricted to 15 minutes.
Use is restricted to provisioning and is useable approximately two hours either side of high water depending on draft, depth markings are indicated on the posts.

Mast Derrick

Used under supervision only
The derrick can lift all masts currently in the club, exceptionally tall masts may be a problem depending on the height of the deck above ground and point of balance. There’s a lay-by for rigging masts and a 12m (40ft) container for winter storage plus an outside storage rack for those taking their masts down.

Hydraulic Launch / Recovery Winches

Used under supervision only
We have two hydraulic winches with a rolling limit of 15 tonnes for the launching and recovery of the travel hoist and boats on trailers.

An Electric Winch is available for the use of large tenders and small day boats.

Pressure Washer – Jacks – Compressor

A powerful petrol Pressure Washer is available for cleaning off on the hard, 12.36.29-960we also encourage owners to bring their own washers including suitable extension leads. Owners cannot be too long scrubbing off particularly if there are several vessels coming out, we therefore try and have two pressure washers in operation on the same vessel, the idea being to finish the cleaning quickly and move boats out of the way.
Electricity and water is available on the hard.

We have various types of jacks enabling trailers to be slightly raised off the ground for stability during the winter and a Compressor for maintaining tyre pressure.

Beach Marshal

Launch and Recovery can be quite stressful, the allocated Beach Marshals will have been involved with these procedures for many years and used to spotting potential problems. Before operations start the Beach Marshal will go through the days plan deciding the order of recovery or launch and address any issues owners may have.
The most important thing is safety and co-operation, basically everyone watches out for each other.

Dangerous Incidents

If you see or are involved in an incident it needs to be reported to comply with the Club Safety Records. Incident Report documents are kept in the club house located upstairs.