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Contributors:  Roger & Jackie Camp, Alan Brown, Peter Booth, Andy Ellis, Danny Ainge, Cheryl Cutmore, Margaret Lee, Sue Arnold, Sue Shenton, Peter Reay,  Mervyn & Jane Maggs …..
We are currently developing this area so if you would like some of your ‘artwork’ featured in these galleries or would prefer a more specific gallery to feature your voyages please refer to the Cruiser Who’s Who page. PHOTOS, LOGS or DIY experiences are always welcome.
 PELAKAS – Cheryl, Mike, Jan and Pete  MSC Club Cruise Greece 2016
●  IONIAN ODYSSEY POEM – by Janet Reay
●  OPHELIE – Mervyn and Jane
●  VARUNA II – Roger and Mick
Apart from the fun stuff the Galleries listed below also have a more serious side aiming to show Mooring Preparations, Launch and Recovery procedures, Equipment and Safety aspects.

Watch our talented Video Producers!

●  BALTIC CRUISE 2016 Part 1  by Mervyn and Jane Maggs
●  BALTIC CRUISE 2016 Part 2  by Mervyn and Jane Maggs
●  BALTIC CRUISE 2016 Part 3  by Mervyn and Jane Maggs
●  DANCING IN GREECE! – Club Cruise 2016

Club Cruises

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General Cruiser Gallery

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Members Boats

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Cruiser Racing

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