Marconi 2017 Harkers Yard Rowing Race – Notice of Race


The notice of race has been published for the upcoming Marconi edition of the 2017 Harkers Yard Rowing Series.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Marconi on Sunday 26th January 2017.

Notice of Race

Race Officer – Peter Clayton (and assistants)

Assistance from Manningtree & Stone Rowing Clubs

OOD (Officer Of The Day) – Murray Bates

Murray will be ready to welcome you and will be in the area of our main Flagstaff or the Hard/Sea Wall gates.

He will also act as Launch Marshall and co-ordinate our support boat crew.

Support Boat co-ordinator – Pat Shaw

Entry Form – Download now – PDF versionWord version


Marconi Sailing Club
Stansgate Road

Find Marconi SC on Google Maps

At the end or the road there is a blue gate which will be open on your arrival, at other times it requires a club member with a key card for entry or departure

When arriving by car to the Marconi site. please note that the speed limit on site is 5mph. Please proceed to the OOD for parking instructions (he will be between the flagstaff area and the hard / sea Wall gates. Please avoid driving on the wet grass fields, as they will get rutted (and you may get stuck!)

Cars are not allowed on to the hard unless directed by the OOD or Launch Marshall. – please park in field as signposted / directed, and wheel your trailer or launch trolley, where you will be assisted by lowering on a winch


High Water is at 12.30

09.30     Launching commences from (approx. half tide).

Please be aware of very slippery conditions caused by Ice if cold, and seaweed, plus trip hazards of blocks, wires, and winch ropes.

The floating pontoon has a very harsh surface – no running, please be careful when climbing on and off boats. Lifejackets must be worn by all on pontoon and to and from boats. Please be careful to avoid overloading or unbalancing the pontoon. No unsupervised children.

Wet boat Launching assistance will be from Marconi Club Members (Colin Wardell and his team)

Registration commences, in the clubhouse (the Galley – upstairs)

The Galley will be available for food and hot drinks from 9.30 until approx. 14.30 to enable everyone to get breakfast rolls and lunch. A vegetarian option will be provided. (the galley is upstairs in the clubhouse)

Changing facilities with toilets and showers on site, room to leave bags and coats etc. there too for easy access through the day.

Our site is easily accessible to people of all abilities, with level access to the club house, special toilet and shower facilities, and a stair lift to access the galley (where views of most of the race can be attained)

Our sewage system is “Off Mains”, powered by our own pumps. Flush human waste only down toilets please to avoid blockage and associated unpleasant tasks.

Dogs are allowed on site, but must always be on a lead (please clear up after your dog). Dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse (mooring points are provided)

We are hoping the rising tide should mean pontoon will be becoming accessible from this time to tie boats to, if not RIBs can take boats or crews to/from designated mooring buoys.

10.30     Briefing for all in the clubhouse (the Galley – upstairs)

We will highlight our facilities, risks and local conditions to all here

A Chart/Map of the course will be demonstrated at the briefing, and the course marks pointed out (through the window)


11.00 – Ladies

11.45 – Mens

12.30 – Mixed

12.30     – High Water

13.00 – 13.30Retrieve boats on to trailers will be at high tide. Please recover your boats with the assistance of our OOD / Marshal to road trailers. Hoses are provided to wash down. You can then attend the clubhouse for refreshment and results / Prizegiving

Only bring cars to collect boats & trailers as you leave site please

13.45 – Prize Giving

The bar will be open from approx. 12.00 (until it goes quiet!), it is located below the galley.

There will be a raffle which will be drawn after prize giving. We would gladly receive any prize donations

Entry Fee – £10 per boat, per race


  • Harkers Yard Rules to be adhered to.
  • Collision regs apply
  • Gigs Pass Port to Port if head on, Overtaking Gig keeps clear, Overtaken gig maintains course
  • The 2 length overlap rule at marks will be highlighted at briefing and a diagram provided (unwitting courtesy of Maldon! – Thankyou)

Signing On

When Registering / signing on the team captain or responsible person will assess capability of coxswains and crew for the prevailing conditions and course, and is responsible for briefing his cox’ns and their crews accordingly. It is the responsibility of each individual to decide whether he/she should race, that they understand all rules and weather conditions, and retire or withdraw if unhappy.

Please radio check to “Marconi Race Office” on VHF Channel M2/P4 before casting off to race. 

The Course

An exciting Massed Start race course will be set on the day, and will be dependent upon conditions

– we are aiming for approx. 1 ½ miles, and to be in view from the clubhouse & sea wall, most of the time, coming close by to finish.

The start will be from the race box, which is about 300m to the East (to the right if looking from the hard) of our Hard / slipway

The start line will be by alignment of the point of the triangle above the race box with the Mete (Post) in front of the race box

All boats must start outside of the aforementioned post, and inside a distance mark (to be identified if required in the race briefing)

Timing will be 5-4-1-GO, for info – the sequence of the hooter is pre-set.

Radio will relay countdown with addition of a 10 second countdown – please use VHF Channel M2/P4 


Will be at high tide, please recover your boats with the assistance of our OOD / Marshal to road trailers. Hoses are provided to wash down. You can then attend the clubhouse for refreshment and results

Only bring cars to collect boats & trailers as you leave site please


We will be holding a raffle in aid of the RNLI, we would be grateful for any donations of prizes

Contact Details

Any queries, please feel free to contact me for help.

I look forward to welcoming you on the 26th.

Kevin, Rowing Captain (Gig Elettra)

Marconi SC Rowers

07957 797099


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