Cadet Pre-Season Social – report from Beth


On the afternoon of Sunday 8th March, the Cadet Fleet went to Rope Runners for two hours of adrenaline, excitement and competition. We got kitted up in our harnesses ready for the unknown. There were six courses, two bottom, two middle and two top, the hardest being the top right. So it was unsurprising that most of us went for the hardest courses first, a bit of competition came through here and a large amount of screaming.


I was the only one who had been before, so I thought I would find it easy, but on the first course Olivia and I went on (the hardest one of course) and I got stuck. Left hanging for a while was not just painful but very embarrassing, especially as my legs were too short to reach the platform. It was certainly funny for everyone else who stood there laughing at me. I believe that I will never live this down now…. that teaches me for being so cocky.



Along with the course there was a climbing wall, which a few of us (Jason and Dan ) took part in. It was neck and neck all the way to the top of the wall but with Dan’s advantage of height he was able to reach the bell first, taking the win.
Within the Marconi cadets the fan drop was very popular. It involved jumping off of a platform to the floor. Our youngest participant was Alex who landed on the ground with a great smile on his face. He seemed to be the bravest throughout the whole afternoon, questioning those who didn’t want to do certain courses, asking why they were so scared.


It was a very enjoyable afternoon that allowed us to all catch up before the sailing starts. Hope you all had a great afternoon, see you soon.



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