Sail Training #3


Sail Training 3 was a great day! Excellent sailing across the groups, on a day when there was a decent but cool breeze.

Here are some videos covering several topics, some of which were new on the day and some which were re-visiting what we’ve covered before. Enjoy!

This one looks at the benefit of a good rounding of the leeward mark:

This one shows an attempt to take advantage of a possible bad rounding by someone ahead of you:

These two illustrate what happens if you try to barge in at the committee boat when there’s no room:

This one graphically shows the importance of getting clear air (a clear ‘lane’) off the start line, especially in big fleets):

And finally this one shows several examples of ‘hovering’ on the start line: great for improving boat control and tide awareness, great for building confidence in your boat handling, and very useful for making excellent starts on crowded lines:

(No commentary on this one, but listen to the soundtrack for some clues.)
Take a look, hopefully they’ll help your sailing next time!


Sail Training 3Sail Training 3


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John organises Sail Training at MSC, and sails a Hurricane 5.9 SX with Caroline.

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