Marconi Keelboat Championships 2020 – Sat 19th September


A full day of 12-15min races for teams of 4 to battle it out to become the Marconi Keelboat Champions. Will it be a team of youth sailors that are crowned this year, or will some of our slightly older more experienced sailors wrestle the title back? (you know who we’re talking about!)

Last season we sailed this event at Queen Mary’s Reservoir using the j80 fleet of our friends at the Royal Thames Yacht club. This year we’re hoping to have just as much fun and competition using our newly acquired fleet of SB20’s, without of course the poor weather we experienced in West London. It’s always sunny and fair weather sailing on the East Coast!

There’s a strong rumour circulating amongst the clubs inner circle that a team of, well lets say, ‘somewhat older cruiser sailors’ are in training to ‘show how it’s done!’, so this one is beginning to line up as quite a competitive event! The winners will be invited to represent MSC in the 2021 British Keelboat League so get your team ready by sailing in other SB20 events throughout the year.


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