Cruiser / Sportsboats Autumn Series 3 – 30th September


This sunday sees the third of the 2018 Autumn Series races for cruisers and sportsboats.

As in previous years we have invited guests coming to sail with us, and we’ll welcome them in the galley for breakfast at 9am, after which we’ll allocate them to crews.

The duty rib driverTony, has agreed to arrive early to trot us out to our boats, so could any early arrivers, please help push the ribs onto the hard and lower the low water landing stage into the water.

Please make sure that your crews are on the hard ready to be delivered to their boats by ribs at 0930 hours.

It’s a low water weekend but with a forecast of a wind from the W we should be able to get a few windward, leeward loops into the course.

The Race Officer will be Frank Burgess, who will start us from the bridge deck line using the lights and VHF77

All boats are required to call the R.O. on VHF77 registering their intention to race from 1030.

The Race will start at 1050.

There will be a 10 minute warning at 1040 followed by a 5, 4, 1, GO sound signal on VHF77

NOTE: Please be patient when waiting for the ribs to lift you off after the race. Their main priority is to ensure the dinghy sailors are provided with safety cover, so they’ll only lift us off if they think it’s safe to do so.

The R.O. will select one of the following courses. Follow the links to download the course cards.


Course Laps x

Course M

Course Q


Location of the marks on the course.


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