Barts Bash 2019



These are the locally calculated results.

Barts Bash Long Course 

Barts Bash Short Course

The results on the Barts Bash website might be a bit different – they do the maths a different way and are also currently correcting the PY numbers for some boats.

Barts Bash Results Long Course

Barts Bash Results Short Course


This season we are once again banding together with other clubs on the River Blackwater to take part in Barts Bash.

This years race is being jointly organised with BSC and SSC its a great fun event and a really good opportunity to experience a busy startline, without anyone taking it too seriously.

You need to sign up online for this event.

To sign up look for the the Joint Blackwater Sailing Joint Committee venue on the Barts Bash website. Click this link to Sign up for Barts Bash

Race start is in the same place as we have used in previous seasons, at the west end of Osea Island for the faster boats and the slower boats are at the eastern end of Northy Island.

The main race course is most likely to be a round Osea course.

Main race start time: 13:30

Slow boat start time: 13:15

River Blackwater Barts Bash Start Line River Blackwater Barts Bash Start Line





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