Bart’s Bash 2017 + cruiser course now online


Once again Bart’s Bash is upon us, this is a great event in it’s 4th year now, aiming to once again be the World’s Largest Sailing Event!

Please sign up on-line at: B.J.R.C. – Blackwater Joint Racing Clubs | Bart’s Bash 2017

It’s an early start, 10 o’clock for the Cruisers, 1030 for the main fleet and on a separate start the Slow/Cadet Fleet.


There will be a briefing at 9.30 and you will also need to sign on in the morning so that we know that you are out there!

If you can make it but can’t sail there are plenty of opportunities to help out spotting on the Committee boats so please let us know!


Start Line:
A line from the seaward end of Osea Pier to the mast of the committee boat Jack B stationed towards the South, 300m away in the main fairway.

JackB will be on station form 0930 hours on VHF ch77
Cruisers with an intention to race, should call JackB with, Yacht name, Design, Club, Sail No, & No persons onboard.

Cruisers should fly pennant 5 from their backstay. If you do not have this pennant, fly something other than an ensign so as to distinguish you from none participating boats.

Start Sequence:
There will be NO FLAGS. A 10 minute time check will be broadcast on VHF ch77 at 0950hrs. Followed by 5 mins, 4 mins, 1 min, and GO

Two courses have been published. The RO will decide on the morning of the event which course to sail. Please download the course and SI’s by clicking on the image below.


Jack B will reposition to a point midway, but outside of the Marconi moorings, forming a finish line between the mast of JackB and a buoy directly North of Jack B.

In the case of very light winds, JackB may shorten the course by forming a finish line at any of the marks on the course. Any change to the finish line will be communicated on VHF ch77

About Bart’s Bash

Bart’s Bash is when the world goes sailing… together

  • A global sailing race taking place at 100s of venues, with 1000s of sailors in 100s of different classes of boat around the world
  • Open to all sailing clubs, yacht clubs, scout groups, sea cadets, windsurfing clubs, individuals and any venue globally that can host a race and is inspired to take part
  • Bart’s Bash gives the sailing community a united opportunity to remember Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, a double Olympic medallist who tragically lost his life whilst training for the America’s Cup in 2013.
  • The annual fundraising and participation campaign promoted by the Andrew Simpson Foundation (ASF)
  • Each individual event is organised by a venue which is the organising authority for all activities at their site
  • The event was founded in 2014 and verified by Guinness World Records as ‘The Largest Sailing Race in the World’.
  • Sailing venues around the world engaged with the campaign by agreeing to organise a sailing event during the Bart’s Bash period (16th- 17th September 2017).


Bart's Base 2017 River Blackwater Poster


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