Antifoul Survey 2015

We are setting up a yearly survey of how different brands of Antifoul perform year on year in our area, it should prove interesting once established.
To get things started we would like your input so please complete the form below and in due course the results will be displayed on the site.
If you have any pictures of your boats hull at recovery time we would like to feature them in the Cruiser Gallery.
Please don’t rely on others, your feedback is important, this survey can only work if you take part !

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If you have a photo of the hull at 'Recovery Time' please select it with the Browse button.

If you would like to add further information on your experience with the Antifoul you used please add it here.

●  EMAIL ADDRESS - We may need to contact you. Rather than trouble the Secretary for your address it will help if you supply it on this form. It will only be used for direct communication to you from the club.
●  PHOTOS - Your uploaded picture will be seen on the Cruiser Gallery in the Antifoul 2015 Album.
●  SECURITY - To submit your survey you do need to complete the 'recaptcha' security section.
●  The year you applied the Antifoul is important.
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